Enabling Future Arrays in Tidal (EnFAIT) is an EU €20.2 million flagship tidal energy project.

It aims to demonstrate the development, operation and decommissioning of the world’s first offshore tidal array (six turbines) over a five-year period to prove a cost reduction pathway for tidal energy and that it can be cost competitive with other forms of renewable energy.

The project partnership of seven European companies, led by Scottish tidal energy developer Nova Innovation, will demonstrate a grid-connected tidal energy array that:

  • delivers a step change in the lifetime cost of energy for tidal power;
  • proves that high array reliability and availability can be achieved with best practice maintenance regimes;
  • captures and disseminates substantial learning on fundamental issues for the ocean energy industry;
  • builds investor confidence; and
  • takes a significant step towards creating a commercial, bankable tidal energy sector.

The project commenced in July 2017 and will run until June 2022.