T4 Lessons Learned Report

Published: 14 January 2021

By Tom Wills & Seumas MacKenzie, Nova Innovation

In  2020, the EnFAIT project achieved another key milestone as it deployed the first T4 tidal energy turbine, Eunice, to the Shetland array. This next generation of direct-drive turbine slashes the cost of tidal energy by a third – making tidal energy cost competitive with fossil fuels. Eunice is the first of three turbines set to double the size of the Shetland Tidal Array as part of the EnFAIT project, making tidal energy a commercial reality.

This report provides lessons captured from the build of T4 which may benefit the wider ocean energy industry. While respecting the need for commercial confidentiality, in sharing these lessons the EnFAIT project aims to enable other projects and developers to obtain knowledge which may enhance their own endeavours to continue to deliver a successful ocean energy industry.