Published: 21 August 2018

So, it’s a clean bill of health for Charlotte after the Shetland Tidal Array Turbine #3 underwent an annual health check. After 12 months of continuous operation, more than 2,000 running hours, the turbine was stripped down and a full forensic analysis conducted, with all major sub-components fully inspected.

The various sub-systems and components were inspected and analysed to determine reliability, running-in behaviours, wear rates and corrosion levels. The findings will better inform turbine operations and maintenance strategies.

Post strip-down, inspection and rebuild, Charlotte was swiftly redeployed into the Shetland Tidal Array and has returned to generating clean predictable electricity for consumers on the Island of Yell and beyond.

This result increases confidence that Nova M100 turbines will continue to function as per expectation for many years to come producing reliable, bankable tidal energy.