Published: 17 September 2021
Written by: Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult

Like all developing sources of energy, tidal stream is under intense scrutiny from the energy industry and government to ensure its viability within the electricity supply. With this examination comes conflicting statements and blurred lines.

Projects such as EnFAIT are paving away to making tidal energy a reality – building investors’ confidence and taking a step towards creating a commercial, bankable tidal energy sector.

To help us sort the tidal energy facts from fiction, ORE Catapult’s Analysis and Insights Manager Miriam Noonan and Head of Innovation Projects Vicky Coy debunk some of the common misconceptions surrounding tidal stream energy.

Watch the full video series here:

FICTION 1. Tidal energy and wave energy are the same thing

FICTION 2. Wave and tidal stream energy will be too expensive

FICTION 3. Tidal stream and wave technologies are just experimental

FICTION 4. Wave and tidal technologies do not have a market

FICTION 5. Funding wave and tidal power is a bad deal for the tax payer